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Combined table jogger and sheet jogger

The combined machine with all-round slewing mounted attachment. Low-noise vibration as a result of alternating-current 220 Volt oscillating magnet. Infinitely variable switching during operation with tyristor controls. The mounted attachment is fitted without difficulty by means of two handy star grips. Fits all "Combi" joggers so far supplied. Can also easily be fitted to other makes of joggers. Sheet feeding from the right or the left possible. Mounted attachment slewable to all sides and at all angles. Simpy handling. Low space requirements.

Kombi C 520 Kombi C 520 with mounted attachment
Combi C 520 (Table size 520 x 360 mm) Combi C 520 with mounted attachment
Mounted attachment size optionally: A 400 = 300 x 300 mm, A300 = 450 x 320 mm

Sheet jogging machine model 43

Sheet jogging machine
  • Useable as a jogging machine
  • Powerful magnet
  • Vertical and horizontal jogging
  • Ball-and-socket joint, therefore any setting for rigth-hand and left-hand feeding
  • Jogging movement infinitely variable during operation by means of a rotary potentiometer
  • simply handling