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Matador Pneumatic 600 automatic back-stripping machine

bullet The complete automatic machine with electronic/pneumatic functional sequence
The solution for all back-stripping work on sewn or glued brochures, calendars and pads.

Smallest block back width 0,5 mm
Largest block back width 20 mm
Largest block length 600 mm
Smallest tape width 15 mm
Largest tape width 50 mm
  • absolutely straight laydown of the tape
  • flush trimming of the tape
  • additional trimming not necessary
  • automatic, fast, reliable
automatic back-stripping machine Matador pneumatic 600
Lenght 1900 mm
Height 1150 mm
Depth 730 mm
Table height 850 mm

Standard machine with tape unwinder for easily unwinding
self-adhesive tapes

Fälzelautomat Matador pneumatic 600 Teilansicht The functional sequences of the automatic Matador pneumatic 600 back-stripping machine are pneumatically powered - service pressure 6 bar.
Compressed air connection to central supply or by additional compressor. The controls are electronic with central switching. Connected load 220 volts.
Blocks are inserted manually.
The processing tape guide and exact sensor-controlled trimming are carried out fully automatically. Back-stripped block is removed manually.


bullet Easy to assemble
bullet Re-adjustable at any time

For hot sealing tapes

Thermofan and Thermolin hot sealing tapes
are made ready for sealing with the optional
extra Thermopli The temperature is
controlled by means of the built-in
thermostt. Heating-up time 3 - 4 minutes.
Extra Thermopli

For uncoated tapes

Uncoated tapes are coated as they pass
through a cold glue basin.
Extra cold glue basin